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About Maxyplumb Plumbers


Maxyplumb Plumbers began in 2009, when Maxwell Phiri  worked to develop a black owned plumbing company,the first in the neighborhood.With the assistance of Akhane construction company CEO Mr Pierre Rousseau,Maxyplumb managed to get some projects from the Fifa legacy programs of building stadiums to Warehouses and office blocks.


Maxwell Phiri has 20 years in the plumbing industry,he got qualified as a licensed plumber in 2000 and has been doing plumbing installations since then.


It took us many years of experimentation,education and perseverance before we were accepted as a proven plumbing company.


By 2010 Maxyplumb were well established with 8 permanent Artisans and 15 Assistants.This group managed to tap into a previously whites only dominated industry, giving clients the best quality of work at an affordable price.


2015 was a landmark year for Maxyplumb with the acquisition of a TLB ,a Butt welding machine ,Leak detector and a drain inspection camera .This marked a new era in our company,because now they is no job too small or too big for us.


By late 2016 ,we started empowering the communities, by making sure we only hire people from the areas we find work ,train them and help them acquire the skills they need the most. To date we have employed 35 people on a permanent basis and are looking to grow even further.

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Q: How long does it take to replace an average water service line?

A: On average the replacement takes several hours. Most replacement can be done on the same day, but in some cases we can schedule a replacement for another day and arrange a temporary water line.


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